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Comic Books For The Blind

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Aurora: Available first in audio form! Mecha action! Monthly series! Visit the comics store! Wynter: Issues 1 and 2 now available at the comics store! Time Warriors: New at the Comic Book Store!

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The First Timer's Ultimate Guide to Comics walks you through the comic book experience: What it's like to buy and hold, what it looks like, and what all the terminology is!

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Calling Blind and Visually Impaired Writers! Check out Our Comic Book Writing Competition!

Now that you can finally read comic books, there's no reason you can't WRITE comic books.

Check out our comic book writing competition for blind and visually impaired writers!

Winners get their comic books published!

Check out the full details here:!




New to the Store and Coming Soon!

New to the store: A weekly comic book series by best-selling author Douglas Rushkoff. 'Testament' goes back to Biblical times, to the near future, and has mythical gods! Weekly from Comics Empower! Check it out here:

Coming soon: New titles! Re:Mind! The Shutterbug Follies! Invisible! Lost in Dreams! Trail!

Plus: More of our monthly comics: Wynter (sci-fi epic), Time Warriors (time travel adventure), Goof (superhero comiedy), and Aurora (giant robots fighting, and a blind hero)!

Check it all out here!

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