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re:MIND #1: Sonja's Story

Time Duration: 22 Minutes.

Introducing re:MIND, the adventures of Sonja and Victuals, her talking cat!

All Sonja wanted was to find her missing cat, Victuals, but when he washes up on the shore of her sleepy coastal town several days later with a head full of stitches and the startling ability to speak and no memory of how he got that way her quiet life is forever changed.
Together they set out to solve the mystery of his disappearance, embarking on a journey that leads to a strange kingdom under the waves and into the heart of a royal power struggle, where the answer to Victual's true identity could save or doom them all!

Winner of the Xeric Award 2010!
Best Graphic Novels for Teens GGNT List 2012!
Top 10 Graphic Novels - The Star Tribune 2011
Los Angeles Book Festival Winner - Young Adult 2011

Ages: 9+
Written and drawn by: Jason Brubaker
Music by: Kevin MacLeod

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