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About Us

About Comics Empower

Comics Empower, the comic book store for the blind and the visually impaired, is an idea that came out of nowhere.

Guy Hasson, a science fiction author who began an independent comic book company called New Worlds Comics, has been running New Worlds Comics for a year and a half when a thought came to him: “Why are there no comics for blind people?”

There was no reason for this thought: Guy didn’t know any blind people personally, neither as friends nor as family, and the issue should never have come up. Except for one thing: Even though Guy writes in a visual medium, he is not a visual person, and his imagination is not visual. He comes from prose, and believes he can make anyone see anything and feel anything with words alone.

Once he had the thought “Why are there no comics for blind people” his mind began to race, and dominoes in his head began to fall: how it could be done, how it should be done, what the comics will sound like, what the website should look like, and so on. Within half an hour he had a plan. A month and a half later, the website, Comics Empower, was up, with three comic books as a test.

The test was successful: The audio comics were very well received, and the rest is history!


On the way, we’ve gathered a team:

Gabriella Lewis is our premiere voice actress. Check out the interview with her on Blind Panels! Click here!

Monica Ruud is our sound editor, who happens to be blind. She lives in Norway, where she is creating a famous Norwegian comic book title in Norwegian! Check out the interview with Monica on Blind Panels! Click here!


Check out Blind Panels, the inclusive geek podcast, for fascinating interviews, news about our comics, and so much more!

Check out Bakasura, winner of Comics Empower’s writing competition for a blind or visually impaired comic book writer! Click on the link!

If you want to empower your kids though comics, check out this article!

Now that comics are available for the blind, conversations that couldn’t have taken place now can. Check out the Conversation on Blind Panels, where a sighted person and a blind person talk about the same comic book!

The Conversation #1: Aaron (a comic book critic) and Eric (a.k.a. The Blind Geek) talk about the comic book Wynter, issues 1, 2, and 3! Click here!

The Conversation #2: Holly (from Blind Motherhood Dot Com) and Tolu (from the Tao of Otaku podcast) talk about the fantasy graphic novel Lost in Dreams, Book 1! Click here!

The Conversation #3: Karama (a.k.a. The Blerd Gurl) and Pranav (winner of the writing competition for a blind or visually impaired comic book writer) talk about the comic book Aurora, issues 1 and 2! Click here!

If you want to join the conversation yourself, just write in and email us!.


More conversations are happening all the time! Subscribe to the podcast!!


The job is not done! The more we grow, the more comic books we can provide you! Help us by spreading the word about Comics Empower!

Now... Back to the comics!